When daddy met lizzie…

This blog is truly dedicated to my dad – someone whom I brand as a living repertoire of craziness and bottomless humor.

Since childhood, one thing that has been a constant source of laughter and sheer amazement to me is my dad’s stories and bizarre experiences. Be it stopping a public bus in the middle of the road to teach the driver a lesson, or travelling on the train top, or crossing villages in trucks and tractors or teasing a bull sitting under the tree and then running Milkha to save his own life… In fact many a time I have been made to believe that my own quirky episodes are nothing but genetic, dad-sent and come as a legacy to me.

But dad’s dad! His absolute goodness is reflected in his regular day, and that when coupled with his level of madness, creates an eccentric combination of awe and glee.

This one particular incident would stay with me forever. In fact I have narrated this to a million people till now, in both sober and smashed state – and have received the same mixed reaction of ‘awww… and hahahaha…’, time after time. So one more time…

Dad, on a usual summer day, was sauntering in the house from one room to another. As he entered the kitchen he spotted a lizzie (a house lizard) sitting at the windowsill, gazing at him. Hovering around it, stomping his foot and clapping his hands to shoo it away, dad tried his best to make the lizzie move. Flabbergasted by such stock-still conduct, he sat down watching closely his new small and skittish friend…and there it all began…

…an instant cosmic connect (and with dad in question, can imagine ABBApixies dancing on the tunes of Fernandoin the background) and budding general fondness, both daddy and lizzie, looked at each other with what else but affection. Still wondering why his friend didn’t move or flinch, dad did some R&D around it and figured that it was sitting on some sticky fluid and was fixed on the sill.

All emotions pouring from every artery and nerve in his heart, dad carefully lifted lizzie with his bare hand and took it to the wash-basin. With all his efforts to be gentle and hospitable, dad scouted for something to clean lizzie’s base so that it doesn’t get stuck on the surface again. There he found something soft and bristly (as lizzies are smooth at the base – and this I know from my dad only!). With his shaving brush in one hand and lizzie in another, dad dipped the brush in a puddle of shampoo, which again he managed by inverting a bottle of my favorite L’Oreal, and started laundering.

Happily enjoying the wash, friend lizzie didn’t twist or turn and sat calmly between his fingers. Once done, dad checked whether it’s really clean by putting it back on the floor and lifting again. Eureka! It was back to its plain, non-sticky self.

Realizing (read coming back to his senses) that the relationship should last only for this much time, and with half of his own family running helter-skelter screaming ,‘dad has lost his marbles’ and another half almost passed out – dad goes back to the windowsill and bids adieu to his friend…the small and skittish one.

Earnest request to dad – …please stop using that shaving brush. This father’s day, let’s buy you a fresh one meant for shaving purpose only!   

12 thoughts on “When daddy met lizzie…

  1. Wow this a very nice read. I am actually amazed by the love , respect and affection showed by a human being towards a miniscule creature like a lizard ( inspiring). On another note Akansha ( hate to be nit picky so plz pardon my effrontery), hearts commonly have arteries and veins and not necessarily nerves. Arteries push good blood inside ( oxygenated blood) and veins are used to take out deoxygenated blood.


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