Love is sharing (or tossing!) your popcorn

My dad’s experiences, his stories have always been peculiar. But let me, for now, shift the focus from one weird person in my life to another – introducing my good friend, Rohit aka Lost Bandar.

Rohit and I had a choppy start. Rocky for me, rocking for him. Now those who know Rohit would easily relate to what i’m saying, while others too will by the end of this blog.

A decade and a half ago my sister asked me to join her for a movie with her friends whom I’d never met before. I had just finished school, actually 14 years of exile in a girls convent and any movie with anyone seemed a great idea.

Cut two – my sister and I were waiting outside the movie theatre for her friends. Soon I saw a bunch of noisy people walking towards us. All of them seemed normal but this one guy – at first he was walking with eyes shut, then started jumping around, then climbed on a tree and finally rode piggyback on a friend’s shoulder. This was Rohit. Besides a crazy entry, all he did was talked, joked and laughed on his own weird jokes a million times in the first 10 minutes of our meeting.

As we took seats in the theatre, i made sure that I sat far away from Rohit. Because, one – he didn’t fit my definition of “being normal” and two, he hadn’t stopped talking-joking-laughing. The movie started, lights were off, Rohit wasn’t anywhere near and I was at peace. I heard occasional loud laughs and knew where they were coming from but I could totally ignore them like a champ UNTIL a popcorn came flying and sat on my head. Before I could react, there was another. And another and now it was raining popcorn – all clear shots. I tried to but couldn’t see anything in the dark. Hell, in my heart of hearts I knew who was behind this.

The movie ended and Rohit sprang in front of me holding his popcorn bucket. He saw the popcorn mountain around me and laughed so hard that he actually fell on the floor and unwittingly (so he says) tossed the whole bucket on my head.

I was never meeting him again (obviously) but then there’s very little one can do when life jumps out and bites you in the ass… We met. And guess what, he was still talking-joking-laughing. Thankfully this time he was getting under someone else’s skin but hey, he was funny. Imagine being around someone really annoying but funny. That’s Rohit, who’s also my good friend now. I hate him. I love him. Till date he never fails to bring out these unsettling mix of conflicting emotions in me. We’ve done heaps of crazy vacations together and I’ve learnt that he’s normal when he’s mad. His presence lights up the room but not without you wanting to chuck popcorn or a brick at him.

Don’t they say that everyone has an annoying friend, and if you don’t have one, it’s probably you. I think I’ve found mine. Phew! And I hope he never changes… EVER.


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