akanksha bhatia

Bio: 'Assortment of Madness' is an invitation to everyone out there to laugh along with me.Though I call myself God's favorite child, but always wonder how I end up landing in midst of all the drama and frenzy. This blog is an attempt to make you a part of the spectacle and see you grin, giggle and hopefully guffaw..............A quick run down... if in few words I were to introduce myself to all those who haven’t ever known me, I would say that I am… a drama queen, absolutely confused in life, in love with almost every man who has ever looked at me lovingly (which means the digit may be equal to the population of Auckland…and still counting. Phew!) or to be honest, even smiled at me randomly across the table, with or without any other intention but to be plain courtly. But of course, me being me, I have something special fit in my head and heart that I read too much between the lines, and surprisingly right most of the times.................Though my friends call me a ‘psycho magnet’, but you may opt for either psycho or magnet as you get to know me better and read through my blogs.

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